You need assistance? Call 0966 112 112!

You need assistance? Call 0966 112 112!

EmergenSea  Assistance number:

24/7 : 0996 112 112 


The call for help in case of serious accidents, when it comes to human lives, must be sent to the state services, which will proceed according to the already established rules and procedures, and the help should be sent as soon as possible. If in such cases you first call the EmergenSea network, we will make a formal report to the SAR service instead of you and start the intervention in coordination with the state services. The text below lists all the important numbers you need to have with you throughout the voyage or in your phone book:
 Numbers to call in case of emergency or distress:
  • 0996 112 112 is 24/7 EMERGENSEA network number. Whether you have fuel problems, some difficulties with the engine, agrounding or your electrical system has completely collapsed...
  • 195 is free phone number of National Center for Search and Rescue at Sea. Whether you make calls from fixed or mobile network, just dial 195.
  • 112 - You can ask for help at sea even through the single European number for emergency.
  • Center 112 acts as a unique communication center for all types of emergency situations. Number 112, you can call at any time of day and night, no matter where you are in Croatia. The phone call is free. You can make it from all mobile and fixed networks and with all the phones by simply dialing 112.
  • VHF Channels 16 and 17 - You can ask for help even if you call via VHF stations nearest Harbor Master's Office.
NOTE: It is very important to tell to Authorities that you are EMERGENSEA member.
In cases of need for easier interventions it is recommended to call the commercial networks for one simple reason - any help or delivery will come in the fastest time possible. Overwork calls (especially during summer months) in the civil service can easily keep you waiting for a long time.

EMERGENSEA network contact details:

Emergency call 24/7:                           0996 112 112
Info:                                                   098 306609
Head Office:                                      +385 23 335 300
HAK interventions:                               1987

Operator will need information of your location as accurately as possible(your position please read from the GPS, or from navigation maps), and explanation of the type of problem you are calling for: sinking, fire, flooding, agrounding or stranding, collision, disability for sailing (engine failure, rudder, list, running out of fuel ...), loss of vessels, medical intervention (emergency transportation, evacuation, medical advice etc...), windsurfers and divers in distress... or any other type of accidents at sea. ES will proceed your call to S&R Center if necessary. Until the arrival of any of these services, proceed acting under the operator orders. In case you have chosen to call the  ES network, you will get an ETA of arrival of ES vessel.


NOTE: Please pay attention that EMERGENSEA is not  Search And Rescue  (although it will sometimes be engaged by the SAR service), and that it works on commercial principles.



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