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Mediterranean help & logistics at sea

Mediterranean help & logistics at sea

   EmergenSea is a concept that started in Croatia year 2007 to provide assistance and help at sea. The franchise established itself as the one of the leading sea assist brands and developed into award-winning brand with more than 5,000 members and 70 operators across 5 Mediterranean countries.
   The network consists of a group of professionals and sea enthusiasts working professionally and safely under a strict code of conduct with the primary aim to act as a partner to mariners and seafarers offering peace of mind whilst at sea. EmergenSea is actively involved in boat shows and marine event logistics such as regattas and sailing championships. We are also committed to promote safety, good practices and environmental awareness at sea.
   Specially equipped watercrafts, 24/7 service and trained staff are what makes EmergenSea a reliable partner. Whenever you need any kind of advice, assistance or logistics EmergenSea should be your number one preference.
A sailor is an artist whose medium is the sea...

   Sailing is one of the oldest modes of transport in humanity and gives the freedom to explore new territories, connect with nature and experience unforgettable adventures. This hobby has become quite common especially with people living in coastal regions and advance in technology is making it even popular. However, mishaps due to weather or technical conditions do happen and can result to be costly or even fatal.
* The name EMERGENSEA is a registered trademark of the State Patent Office of Zagreb and the World Intellectual Property Organization of Geneva. The owner of the registered name is the Alimar Skiper Sistemi Ltd. from Zadar CROATIA.

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 24/7 Call numbers:

Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro: +385 996 112 112
Italy:  + 39 0694 803 000
Malta: +365 7902 7903

Alimar Skiper Sistemi d.o.o.
Sv. Nikole Tavelića 64
23000 Zadar
tel: +385 23 335 300

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