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General terms of ES membership

General terms of ES membership



 Article  1.
Subject and duration


1. These General terms regulate the relation between Emergensea network of contractual partners who organize service for help at sea (hereinafter referred to as ES) and subscribers to ES  membership (hereinafter referred to as Member)

2. Member can be private person or company  no matter the residence or nationality.  

3. ES member agrees with these general terms and gives consent to collection, processing and usage of his/her personal data as well as the exchange of the same with contractual ES providers if necessary for providing assistance.

4. ES membership fee is paid in full and membership is activated 24 hours upon receipt of the payment. 

5. Membership and its benefits are valid strictly for the boat set out in application form no matter who is manoeuvring the boat or a skipper in membership programme for skippers.

6. Membership is valid for the current year and it cannot be transposed to other boat without written consent of ES, except for Charter Pass membership which is valid for 7 days upon registration.  

7. ES network is available 24 hours a day from April 1st to November 1st, and from 09 am – 04 pm during the winter period.  ES call centre is reached on the GSM: 0996 112 112. 


 Article 2.
Models of membership


1. START package............membership for boat owners regardless the use of the boat (private or charter) with no restrictions in regard to boat lenght.

2. STANDARD package…….membership for boats for private use. According to boat lenght it is divided in categories Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL.

3. GOLD package…….membership for boats for private use. According to boat lenght it is divided in categories Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL and Oversize.

4. CHARTER Pass......Membership for skippers on a chartered boat. Validity 7 days.

5. SKIPER Pro........Membership for professional skippers on boats up to 15m.

Note: If boat is catamaran  ( 2 hulls ) the membership fee will be multiply by factor 1,5.

             Exp: catamaran of  10 meters length is considered as a boat of 15 meters 



 Article  3.
Membership benefits and territorial coverage


Purchasing START package member gets discount on all interventions  during the membership validity. Discount is applicable to official ES price list of the country where member is navigating. Territorial coverage in all states where ES is operative in accordance to specific law regulations of each state. Applicable discount is 30% on services in Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro and 15% in Malta. 

Purchasing one of the above listed packages member is entitled to one free intervention within the membership validity. The free of charge interventions are listed below.

Standard / Charter pass and Skipper Pro memberships are covered in territorial waters of Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro.

Gold memberships are covered in territorial waters of all countries where ES is operative.

3.  Free service:  (for all types of membership except START membership)
10 NM of arrival to the position plus one of the following:

-          Towing up to 10 NM

-          Accompaniment of the boat up to 10NM

-          help in entering the port for boats with disabled manouvre

-          Refloating in cases of minor agrounding

-          Diving services up to 30min

-          Engine parts or fuel delivery (fuel or parts member pays separately)

-          Transfer of  2 passangers


4.  Any of the afore mentioned services can be used once and only one service as free of charge. All other provided services which are not part of the free package or exceed the free service shall be charged to the member as follows:

- in the full amount according the official price list discounted for 30% if the service is not included in free package or

- in difference in price for the part of the service exceeding the free of charge limit (exp. In case the service is towing 20Nm, 10Nm of towing is free of charge and the rest 10Nm shall be charged with 30% discount).

5. Once the member has used the free of charge service all other services within the membership duration shall be charged according the prices for members.

6.     In offer to ES members are also discounts on programme of ES partner companies which are listed on the web site http://www.emergensea.net/



Article 4.
Change of ownership

1.     If during the validity of ES membership the change of ownership of the boat occurs, the membership becomes inactive within 24 hours upon the change of owner, unless the former owner (member of ES) and ES agree to transfer the membership benefits to the new owner or a new boat. 

2.     ES Member is obliged to inform the ES network of any change of ownership. Possibility of transfer of membership rights to other owner or boat shall be agreed separately and independently of any right coming out of these general terms



Article 5.
Providing assistance

1.     ES is not Search and Rescue nor 112 services. It is a commercial service for help and delivery at sea. In case of a distress call ES shall immediately inform SAR and other appropriate authorities and act according to their directions

2.     ES call centre is reached on the GSM: 0996 112 112 for emergency situations or 098 306609 – for info

3.     ES provider shall seek to come to intervention location as soon as possible. Members have priority in intervening except in cases of high urgency where there are crew or members of another boat in greater danger.

4.     Weather conditions might be a restrictive factor in service providing so ES shall not intervene in case the situation might bear risk of any kind of loss or damage. In such case ES shall immediately inform the SAR and other relevant authorities

5.     During the intervention ES is not responsible for persons or subjects  on the endangered boat. They are the responsibility of a  skipper or crew in charge of the boat.   

6.     ES member is obliged to respect and consent to the terms of ES provider practice and to act according to ES operator  instructions untill the arrival of ES craft to the position. 

7.      ES shall, when considered necessary, fill out the form of completed intervention which ES member shall need to sign.

8.     In case ES member seeks service from any other except ES provider no reimbursement is possible. 

9.     In application from 01.04.2016. and applies to the following changes


10.  Any disputes that might arise from these general terms of ES membership if not possible to solve in peaceful manner shall be settled in the court of law in Zadar



Article 6

Cash Refund


1.       Based on a request for return or replacement, Alimar Skiper Sistemi d.o.o. shall refund the amount paid to the account of the Registered User stated in the request, or replace the product with a new one within 14 days. 







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