Award "Plava vrpca vjesnika 2015"

 At the suggestion of National Search and Rescue center, two Emergensea skippers are nominated for the award Plava vrpca Vjesnika 2015.

First nomination: Tomislav Margaretić from ES base Dubrovnik together with his colleague Toni Knego were nominated for rescue operation of five kayakers who due to the strong South wind ended up on the rocky coast of Island Kalamota (Koločep). During this brave venture Tomislav swam and inspite the rough sea dragged the exhausted kayakers one by one aboard the Emergensea vessels. Except the Emergensea crew in this action also participated the crew of Harbour Master Dubrovnik with their vessel Danče. After this brave act finished in his interwiev to local media Tomislav stated: " Although I was nominated, considering I jumped into the sea, the credit for the success of this action certainly goes to all the participants!"  
Second nomination: Skipper Stanislav Sumić from ES base Makarska was also honoured with  nomination for Plava vrpca Vjesnika for his heroic act of salvage. Under the severe weather conditions, in a situation where he himself was endangered he rescued the crew of six children and six adults from certain drowning. His co-worker at the time of the call for help had a ruptured  leg muscle so  Stanislav went on intervention on his own knowing that at that moment he was the only hope for that crew because all the SAR and maritime police boats were engaged on other interventions. In coordination of Search and Rescue Center and Emergensea call centar all 12 passangers as well as their boat were saved as fast and succesfull as in a movie ending.
Announcement of the winners from 6 nominations will be held in Dubrovnik on 06th of December 2015. All the details of this nomination you can find on  

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